Whitewash Driftwood Mirror/ Composition # 38

Coffindaffer Studio

$ 3,950.00

The frame is an assemblage of many individual natural elements combined with an artist’s eye into a bold and striking visual statement. This mirror is unique in that no two pieces of driftwood are ever alike. Created by Michael Coffindaffer from found materials into a functional, decorative and one-of-a-kind work of art.

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Year: 2012

USA. Signed and dated by the artist on reverse.

Frame: 40” width x 46” height x 22” depth overall (approximate)

Mirror: 20”x 20”

Finish: Whitewash Stain applied over natural driftwood

Materials used to create the artwork are in “as found” condition. The inherent weathered variations add to the unique quality of the finished piece and are considered desirable.

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